Mitch Harris catches up with Christopher Swasbrook to talk about the latest business news.


Radio Live: 11.12.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Mediaworks NZ have announced a merger with Australian-based outdoor advertising company QMS. Why is the billboard medium currently so popular?

  • How is the radio business currently performing in New Zealand?

  • Stockmarkets worldwide are very volatile at the moment, mainly due to US President Donald Trump's trade talks.

  • Is Sydney heading towards a major housing crisis? How is Australia's economy looking at the moment?

  • Why do some countries rely so much on China to get their economy going?

  • A text question from Cliff to Chris Swasbrook - what do you think of Synlait milk?

  • Simon calls in to ask Chris a question regarding currencies, and why they increase and decrease so rapidly.

  • The debt-laden Kapiti Coast District Council has announced an interesting way at looking to reduce their $149million debt - by borrowing and investing money to try and turn their fortunes around. A brave move, but will it work?

Radio Live: 11.12.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Why has the New Zealand Dollar been jumping all over the place recently?

  • Tech companies are claiming that 'smart cars' are the future of transportation. Is this true, or are they just trying to push their own agenda?

  • A recent survey done by BMW found that 73% of people would swap their car for a similar one with smarter technology inside it.

  • Vital Health Care facing an uphill battle - what's going on?

  • Why are we as a country giving over $100million to the America's Cup when that amount of money could really help other areas in NZ such as health?

  • Is the spending on the America's Cup value for money?

  • Has the OCR become ineffective regarding lending from banks?

Radio Live: 20.11.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Why has the New Zealand Dollar been jumping all over the place recently?

  • Who is Ray Dalio, and why is he making headlines in business circles in the US?

  • How is America dealing with it's current 'currency crisis', and could it affect the NZ economy?

  • Chris comments on the fall of value of cryptocurrencies. For example, less than a year ago the value of one Bitcoin was over NZ $28,000 - now one Bitcoin is worth around $6,440.

  • Crowdfunding on the internet. Is this the future for small businesses? Will more bosses use the tool to try and promote their business, or could this be seen as bad management?

  • Tuesday night business finishes with a text question from Bill of Napier. He asked Chris how the Port of Napier should finance it's expansion.

Radio Live: 30.11.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Who stands to gain the most from a trade war: China or the United States?

  • Has China made a big mistake by not taking US President Donald Trump seriously?

  • What could the implications be for New Zealand if China or the United States gain the upper hand over the other?

  • Countries in the United Kingdom are looking at instituting a new online levy to be paid by massive corporations like Apple and Amazon. It would be an extra 2% of the purchase price. This is to be fair to retail stores and keep them in business, not to target or punish big online retailers.

  • Advertising revenue from radio continues to make much more money than TV advertising revenue since the NZ radio industry was deregulated in the 1980's. Why is this, and will it ever change? 

Radio Live: 23.11.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • How does the petrol price in New Zealand stand up to other countries? Chris looks at where fuel is cheapest and most expensive.

  • Why doesn't anyone from petrol companies ever talk to the media when asked?

  • The US mid-term elections are just three weeks away. Could the results change the current relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia

  • Could there be implications on the oil price following US sanctions imposed on Iran?

  • A judge in California has rejected Monsanto's bid to overturn a landmark verdict. In August, Dewayne Johnson won over US $289 million after claiming Roundup weedkiller caused his cancer. 

  • Will Bayer regret purchasing Monsanto last year?

  • Are countries looking at declining population numbers in the future? Are any plans in the pipeline?

Radio Live: 16.11.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • More questions are being raised about the authenticity of business confidence surveys in New Zealand, such as the recent ANZ Business Outlook Survey.

  • Netflix is now more popular than Sky TV in New Zealand, but investors of the company are worried about it's lack of profitability.

  • Netflix has bought a massive production studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and has pledged to bring US $1 billion of production to the area.

  • What could the possible economic implications be in the Middle East after the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi?

  • What could happen to the economies of the Philippines and Hungary as their Presidents 

Radio Live: 02.11.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Mitch and Mr Swasbrook are joined by Sam Stubbs, managing director of Simplicity to talk about the NZX. 

  • Chris Swasbrook is calling for shareholders of NZX to be repaid after 11 senior staff and directors were flown to New York

Radio Live: 18.09.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Elon Musk says Tesla's electric vehicles are only a couple of years away - but by that time, will other car manufacturers have caught up in the race to deliver EV's? 

  • The trade war: US President Donald Trump has said he will impose new tariffs on $200billion in Chinese goods, and he's threatened to add hundreds of billions more.

  • Have Chinese workers been told not to 'bow down' to Trump?

  • BMW have announced they're developing a self-driving motorbike. Why?

  • Talk continues to grow about a possible economic downturn in the near future.

  • Former Prime Minister Dame Jenny Shipley and other former Mainzeal directors are currently in court following the 2013 collapse of Mainzeal. The liquidators allege the directors breached their director duties and recklessly allowed the company to trade while it was facing serious financial problems.

  • Multiple banks have announced they are cracking down on lending for building projects. How will this affect our current housing crisis and the KiwiBuild scheme?

Radio Live: 11.09.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • This weekend marks 10 years since Lehman Brothers collapsed, which saw the world financially panic during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

  • What lessons have been learnt by banks in the last 10 years?

  • Are banks in Europe still on life support?

  • What sort of financial state is New Zealand currently in?

  • Amazon is now the world's second trillion-dollar company (after Apple). So why aren't they paying their employees a fair wage?

  • How long until Amazon is broken up?

  • New Zealand's future - where are we going economically, and are we doing the right things to get there?

  • How are small businesses in NZ going?

  • Are drums starting to beat for a banking royal inquiry in New Zealand, similar to the one recently in Australia?

Radio Live: 04.09.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Why are glasses and sunglasses so expensive?

  • Luxottica designs, makes and distributes eyewear brands including Ray-Ban and Oakley. Have they cornered the market?

  • Former MP Marama Fox is broke. She's been evicted by her landlord and reportedly still owes money to multiple sources. How did she get herself in this position after having such a high-paying job in Parliament?

  • Talk has started up again regarding another possible Global Financial Crisis. Is it time to start to prepare for another economic downturn

  • Veteran American media and communications investor John Malone has told The Telegraph that "Google will be broken up and will not be allowed to go vertical on services, anything in which they control the search algorithm and figure out ­presenting it to the consumer.”

  • Which is more important to people in New Zealand: Facebook or Google?

  • Do we now live in an artificial economy where nothing is real anymore?

Radio Live: 21.08.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Should New Zealand taxpayers be handing money over to the All Blacks?

  • What could the All Blacks brand do to make more money? Is their lack of income through sponsorship NZ Rugby's problem or the government's problem?

  • Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has put together a Business Council. What will the Council do? Is Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon the right man to lead this?

  • Why is there no talk about Australian banks and their Royal Inquiry from the New Zealand government?

  • Will Australia's new Prime Minister Scott Morrison have a positive or negative impact on Australia's economy?

  • What implications could Australia's current political landscape have on trade between New Zealand and Australia?

  • How long could it possibly take for synthetic meat to have a big impact on New Zealand's economy?

  • Personal debt levels in New Zealand are at an all-time high.

Radio Live: 21.08.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Mitch and Chris talk with special guest Philippe Legrain.

  • Mr Legrain is a commentator for the BBC, a former correspondent for The Economist magazine, and he has also been special adviser to WTO director-general Mike Moore.

  • Topics covered in the fascinating discussion include what impact a trade war could have on countries including New Zealand, possible financial repercussions after Brexit, and what impact Donald Trump could have on countries' economies.

Radio Live: 07.08.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • A jury in California has ordered Monsanto to pay US $289 million after school caretaker Dewayne Johnson filed a lawsuit against the company alleging glyphosate caused his cancer. The jury awarded Johnson $39 million in compensation, and ordered Monsanto to pay $250 million in punitive damages.

  • How does this fine compare to other massive fines dished out to American companies?

  • The value of the Turkish Lira has plunged - why? How much further could it fall?

  • How will this affect countries that trade with Turkey?

  • Banks have been shutting down hundreds of ATM machines across New Zealand. How are rural Kiwi's going to withdraw their money?

  • What's going on with crypto currencies suddenly losing so much value?

Radio Live: 07.08.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Mitch and Chris are joined in studio by Sam Stubbs, Managing Director of Simplicity Kiwisaver Investment Funds, who is calling on the New Zealand government to undertake a Royal inquiry into banks in New Zealand.

  • He says Australian banks in New Zealand take over $5billion from New Zealanders annually, and the cost of the inquiry (thought to be $50million) is only 1 percent of what is taken from NZ each year - and the inquiry would be money well spent.

Radio Live: 31.07.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Les Moonves, the chief executive of US television network CBS, has been accused of sexual misconduct by six different women spanning several decades in a report by the same journalist who exposed Harvey Weinstein.

  • CBS shares on the New York Stock Exchange continue to fall after the network today announced Moonves will be staying in his current position as an investigation into his conduct is undertaken. How low could CBS shares fall? (Since the story broke, CBS shares have dropped from $57.36 US last week to $51.28 US currently).

  • Business confidence in New Zealand has dropped to levels not seen since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Why?

  • What were the biggest mistakes made during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, and by whom?

  • Why did Hank Paulson not bail out Lehmann Brothers in 2008?

  • Why have there been so many negative business headlines lately - both in New Zealand and internationally?

Radio Live: 24.07.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • The 'billionaire's bolthole' - if money was made worthless, how would billionaires react? What on Earth would be worth the most as currency? (eg. oil, water, gold, food, tobacco, coffee etc)

  • New Zealand's taxes on tobacco and cigarettes - how big is the 'black market' of tobacco in NZ?

  • Ikea are finally launching their first store in India after 6 years of trying. Ikea India have already employed 150 people just to assemble furniture. Why don't Indians like to put together their own flat-pack furniture?

  • The European Union has fined Google a massive $5billion Euro for abusing it's position in the cellphone market. The EU found Google was denying rivals a chance to innovate and compete on merit. But even with this fine, Google has still posted a massive profit for the last quarter (in which the fine was paid).

  • For the final story tonight, Chris tells us of a couple who bought a lock-up in Chelsea, London for $15,000 pounds. A box of over 200 paintings was found hidden in the lock-up, and those paintings are potentially worth tens of millions of dollars!

Radio Live: 17.07.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from London

  • What is the feeling like there regarding US President Donald Trump?

  • UK Prime Minister Teresa May says she is in favour of a 'soft Brexit' - how will she come out of this?

  • What regulations could be put on Britain after Brexit? How much could this potentially cost Britain?

  • The housing market and lending are both slowing in Australia - will these spread to New Zealand?

  • American vaping company Juul is already worth $15billion US, and now it's getting ready to launch in the UK.

  • Elon Musk is starting to scare investors with his recent behaviour. Is he losing the plot?

Radio Live: 10.07.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from London

  • The NZ Government are currently looking at making changes to funding Research & Development projects. Why?

  • The talk of another recession has faded away in the last month. But is the danger still there?

  • Why are Australian banks selling loans to Kiwi's that they can't afford?

  • Has Australia's 'bad banking behaviour' crossed the ditch? Should New Zealand have a banking inquiry similar to Australia's Royal Inquiry?

Radio Live: 12.06.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from London

  • Banking systems around the world are still under the spotlight regarding lending.

  • The NZ Reserve Bank Governor has commented about banks in New Zealand, following the Royal Commission in Australia.

  • Should there be a similar investigation into New Zealand banks

  • Why do Australian banks make so much money off Kiwi's

  • Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 - why was it implemented, and are there any comparisons with today?

  • Why is Trump continuing to threaten tariffs or is he just seeking a 'deal'?

Radio Live: 05.06.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from London

  • Are European banks included in the phrase 'too big to fail'?

  • Why is Deutsche Bank currently in such poor shape?

  • Australia's Commonwealth Bank has been hit with a record $760m fine - so why is no-one in the company losing their job?

  • A mystery trader has been making millions of dollars on Wall Street in the last couple of years - how is he/she doing it?

  • The Auckland housing market is often compared to the housing market in Vancouver. So why are thousands of people in Vancouver upset that their houses have risen hundreds of thousands of dollars in value in recent years?

  • Is now a good time to invest? Which areas should people be looking at to invest their money?

  • Chris has recently been overseas to do a course on Bitcoin/Blockchain. He told us a bit about it last week, and tonight is Part II of Mr Swasbrook's look at Bitcoin and the Blockchain.

Radio Live: 29.05.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Why are UK political parties so nervous about the European markets dropping significantly?

  • How do countries rebound after a Global Financial Crisis?

  • Could all of the European countries band together if another Financial Crisis hits?

  • Why are construction companies (in both New Zealand and Australia) struggling when there is so much demand?

  • Chris has just returned from an overseas course learning about Blockchain and Bitcoin (on the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin being launched). He tells us what was said at the course, and what he learnt that he didn't know already.

  • Mitch and Chris finish tonight's chat by looking at Mycoplasma Bovis, and how many billions it could cost the New Zealand economy.

Radio Live: 22.05.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Germany is launching strict new hate speech laws around illegal online content, which includes Facebook. Now other countries are looking at doing the same.

  • Will New Zealand look at updating online hate speech laws as well?

  • What will Mark Zuckerberg have to say about new laws aimed at online content?

  • Investigations are underway looking at money laundering from Russians into European banks - how much money is involved?

  • Banks in Europe are tightening up even further regarding lending money. Does this mean another recession is on the way?

  • Henry Kissinger has written a piece for The Atlantic titled 'How the Enlightenment Ends', which is about how unprepared human society is for the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence). What does he think we should be aware of?

Radio Live: 15.05.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from New York

  • Kiwi billionaire Christopher Chandler has denied spy claims, and has said he's not a 'money man' for Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin. Who exactly is Christopher Chandler?

  • A piece in the Financial Times in America claims Paul Jacobs is attempting to pull off the biggest buyout in history. The former Qualcomm founder is looking for a backer (or backers) to raise $100billion US to buy Dutch computer chip company NXP.

  • How would this buyout affect Qualcomm? Could they handle debt of over $100billion US?

  • Mitch and Chris finish tonight's chat by looking at the Budget 2018, which is this Thursday afternoon. What areas could really use a financial boost? Will the debt level increase, and by how much?

Radio Live: 08.05.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from New York

  • Chris has just spent four days in Omaha, Nebraska, to hear from Warren Buffett about his 2018 letter to shareholders.

  • Buffett took aim at cryptocurrencies and how unstable they are. He talked up Apple, saying they are the 'future of technology'.

  • Why won't Buffett buy shares in Microsoft?

  • Buffett is now 87 years old - is retirement in his mind?

  • Nestle is to sell Starbucks coffee products alongside Nespresso and Nescafe.

  • Nescafe ranks #1 in terms of packaged coffee sold worldwide - Starbucks has sold their packaged coffee to Nestle for $7.5 billion US. What will Starbucks do with the money?

  • The amount of lending continues to grow worldwide, but has risky lending dropped?

  • Are banks doing us a favour by bringing in more restrictions around lending

Radio Live: 01.05.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland 

  • Mitch and Chris start tonight's chat by looking at the BP email price fixing story, where the price of fuel in Otaki was raised to match the price of fuel at BP in Paraparaumu, Kapiti and Levin.

  • How much price fixing goes on in New Zealand, and in what industries does it occur the most?

  • What has gone so wrong with Fletchers? What should they do next?

  • How is the quality of wood used by Fletchers? Do they use cheaper timber to save money?

  • Mitch and Chris talk on a new series done by the Wall Street Journal (titled Demographic 2050 Destiny) that looks at changing demographics around the world (especially in China), and what the global economy in 2050 could look like.

Radio Live: 24.04.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland 

  • The Royal Commission into Australian banking misconduct continues. Should Kiwi's be alarmed? Do we need to shine a spotlight here?

  • Sir Martin Sorrell forced out of the company he created - WPP (Wire and Plastic Products). What could be the potential fallout?

  • Why can some businessmen never walk away from their company and retire?

  • Oil prices are starting to go up again. Why?

  • How high will the oil price go? When will the price of a barrel hit $100 again?

  • Auditors - are they being adverserial enough?

  • The importance of a University degree in modern society - is the value declining?

Radio Live: 17.04.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland 

  • Fletcher Building has said they won't be making any money while constructing the Puhoi-Warkworth extension of Auckland's Northern Motorway, which will take 7-8 years to complete. Why not? What has gone so wrong for the company?

  • The government may have to pay up to $1billion to Christchurch residents after Patrick Gower's report on Newshub tonight looking at quake-damaged houses in Christchurch being sold on. How could these houses be re-sold 'in good faith'?

  • With online shopping becoming so popular, is there a future for retail stores? What can retailers offer to consumers to keep them coming back into the store?

  • Facebook continues to try and rebuild their image after the recent negative headlines regarding Cambridge Analytica, and the social media platform losing over $70billion in value since the scandal broke.

  • Debt around the world has reached a record high - it's now at $164 trillion. This is 40% higher than in 2007 (and 40% of this debt comes from China).

  • The United States wants back into the TPPA. What could this potentially mean for Pharmac?

Radio Live: 10.04.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland 

  • Does Fonterra need to look overseas to find a new CEO? Did they not have someone getting ready for the role when Theo Spierings stepped down?

  • JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon has released his annual letter (which is 46 pages long). What does he say is damaging the US economy?

  • Why are so many Kiwi's critical of Pharmac when they help hundreds of thousands of people in NZ?

  • There's a shortage of truck drivers in the United States. What does this mean with driverless trucks in development?

  • US President Donald Trump looks as if he wants to start a trade war. What can a deficit do to a country?

  • Does the United States really want to go head-to-head with China when it comes to tariffs? Who is in the stronger position?

  • What happens if the United States loses it's status as the reserve currency of the world?

Radio Live: 03.04.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland 

  • Germans have a culture of saving money - where does this come from?

  • Is there still a savings scheme for Kiwi kids at school?

  • The importance of KiwiSaver for New Zealanders.

  • The importance of 'old white guys in the boardroom' (the talk on this topic continues after Julie Anne Genter's controversial comments)

  • What are the dynamics in businesses that are failing in New Zealand? Do Kiwi's quit when work becomes too tough?

  • Have we reached 'peak smartphone' after the Facebook / Cambridge Analytica scandal?

  • A look at the enormous growth and success of both Netflix and Tesla, although both companies face potential issues in the future.

  • Are millennials still into Facebook? How can the social media platform turn around their poor PR after the Cambridge Analytica scandal?

  • Joseph Parker was paid over $12million for his World Title fight against Anthony Joshua. What should he do with his money?

Radio Live: 27.03.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland 

  • Facebook continues to struggle after the Cambridge Analytica story. What has gone so wrong for the social media platform? Facebook's value has dropped by $75 billion since the Cambridge Analytica story broke.

  • What will Mark Zuckerberg do next? Can he fix the damage that has been done?

  • The world happiness report has again ranked Finland the 'happiest place on Earth', with New Zealand ranked 8th. Why are Finn's so happy? In what areas could New Zealand do better?

  • How is the US economy doing after tax cuts and President Donald Trump's announcement regarding tariffs?

  • Mitch and Chris discuss Julie Anne Genter's comments around 'old white men in boardrooms'. Do businesses in NZ have the best people available in their boardroom? Did she think her comment through before saying it? Is Ms Genter ageist?

  • Why don't New Zealanders value their elders like other countries do? Why are the skills of older workers dismissed simply because of their age?

  • Russia and their weapons - are we on the verge of another Cold War?

  • Can New Zealand be energy efficient by 2050?

Radio Live: 20.03.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland 

  • Air New Zealand drops another flight from Auckland to the regions. Should the government step in, considering they hold a 51% share majority?

  • Social responsibility - will cutting another regional flight see loyal Air New Zealand passengers swap to another airline?

  • If Sir John Key wasn't busy getting ready for Barack Obama's visit, would he have advised against cutting the Auckland-Kapiti flights?

  • Who do mortgage brokers represent - the business or the individuals?

  • The Australian Financial Review is reporting on ANZ and the Commonwealth Bank giving the green light to hundreds of thousands of people for overdrafts, despite not making inquiries about those customers finances.

  • Saving in a retirement scheme like Kiwisaver - exactly when does that money get taxed?

  • China has been buying up assets in America - are they looking to take America's place as the world's biggest economy?

  • Expat Kiwi Chris Liddell holding a high position in the Trump administration - why has there been hardly any talk of this in the New Zealand media?

Radio Live: 13.03.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Sydney  

  • A look back at last week's chat on Fletcher Building. Has the company acted with the best intentions for New Zealanders?

  • Why have Fonterra's deals with China all turned to custard?

  • Do we lack first-class business minds in New Zealand?

  • Is lazy management a big factor in New Zealand businesses? Who keeps management on their toes?

  • Is there a lack of criticism from the media regarding the reporting of behaviours of highly-paid bosses in New Zealand?

  • A look at tarriffs that US President Donald Trump is mulling over - is this just rhetoric for his voters, or is he looking for a 'trade war'?

  • Expat Kiwi Chris Liddell working with 'Jivanka' (Jared and Ivanka) - what will happen with Liddell if Jared Kushner is kicked out of The White House?

Radio Live: 06.03.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland  

  • The latest on European elections - Germany finally has a government, and Italy has just had their election.

  • Are world markets worried about the political uncertainty in Europe?

  • Sir Michael Cullen has raised the idea of a wealth tax and a polluter tax in New Zealand. Will a sugar tax also be on the radar?

  • Warren Buffett is looking to spend some of his billions in Germany - but on what?

  • Is Buffett looking to cash in on the political uncertainty in Germany?

  • Jerome Powell has been named Federal Chair at the US Federal Reserve to replace Janet Yellen.

  • US President Donald Trump has talked on a 'trade war' regarding his proposed steel tarriffs.

Radio Live: 27.02.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland  

  • A look at Warren Buffett and his 'relentless modesty' - what is he looking at doing with his $116 billion?

  • Has cheap debt distorted asset prices?

  • Buffett's latest annual letter focuses on the impact of the US tax cuts and the challenges of "elephant" hunting.

  • Mitch and Chris look at the New Zealand sharemarket - how long can you stay on the NZ sharemarket before going overseas?

  • Kiwi company BBC Technologies received up to $25million of taxpayers money from Callaghan Innovation, according to the Taxpayers Union. The business has now been sold and the taxpayer is left wondering about its return.

  • Tuesday night business finishes with a discussion regarding Simon Bridges being named the new leader of the National Party - will he be able to step up to the challenge?

Radio Live: 20.02.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland  

  • Nestle's relationship with L'Oreal has lasted 40 years - why do these two companies work so well together?

  • US President Donald Trump wants to place tariffs on aluminium and steel imports, following up on his 2016 Election promise to raise job numbers for the working class.

  • China and South Korea are considering filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization if the United States puts a tariff on US steel.

  • Iranians have taken to the streets in protest regarding their country's banking system, which had led to a warning from the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

  • The Museum of Modern Art in New York has purchased an historic piece by NZ artist Michael Stevenson, the MONIAC Machine, which is a reproduction of the first machine built by Bill Phillips in 1949 - which is on display at the Reserve Bank Museum in Wellington.

Radio Live: 13.02.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland  

  • What exactly has gone wrong with Fletcher Building? How will they get themselves out of the situation they are now in?

  • A look at global sharemarkets after the recent dramatic drops - what can we read into the volatility of the markets?

  • The US is currently more profitable now than it has been since the 1940's - how would tax cuts in America affect their economy?

  • Billionaire investor Leon Cooperman, chairman and CEO of Omega Advisors hedge fund, has called for more regulation of volatile securities before trillions of dollars is wiped out from worldwide markets.

Radio Live: 30.01.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland  

  • A look at the talking points after the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

  • Mitch and Mr Swasbrook talk on CEO's attitudes towards inequality - do they care?

  • George Soros and Rupert Murdoch on the front foot talking on tech companies. Murdoch has taken a shot at Facebook around news stories being published on the social media platform without paying for their use.

  • Adolescents getting addicted to social media platforms like Facebook - should the platform be stepping in to help those who are addicted?

  • Wall Street is 'running hot' right now - are pundits scaremongering by saying another global financial crisis is on the way?

Radio Live: 23.01.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Byron Wien's 15 business predictions for 2018 (which has a major focus on Facebook)

  • The duo talk with Aaron McDonald, CEO of Centrality. The Auckland-based company raised over $100million in the first 6 minutes of the company's ICO (initial coin offering).

Radio Live: 16.01.2018 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • What will be the biggest technological advancement in 2018? Will it be ordering things online via voice-activated program or app

  • Have millenials lost faith in the banking system? Is this a reason why more younger people are looking at crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin?

  • What business headlines are we likely to see in 2018? Where will technology take us, and what will the markets do?

  • What will the bond market do internationally in 2018?

  • Chris picks who he thinks will be TIME Magazine's 'person of the year' in 2018.

  • How will proposed tax cuts in the US affect world markets?

  • Mitch and Chris end the segment talking on new Spielberg-directed film The Post

Radio Live: 12.12.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • The 'bond bubble' - there is now $10trillion of global government bonds with negative interest rates (this is down from $12.7trillion after the Brexit vote in 2016)

  • Which 'bubble' should we watch out for in 2018?

  • A new report gives a strong warning to Australia regarding their economy for 2018 - should the same warning stand for New Zealand?

  • The price of Bitcoin keeps going up - now people are getting loans to buy Bitcoin.

  • The business outlook for 2018, and the return of Pay In Kind (PIK).

  • Tax Cuts are still looking likely under in the United States under President Donald Trump. How much will this add to the country's debt?

  • Warren Buffett's Wall Street warning - is Wall Street getting too hot?

  • Who will run Berkshire Hathaway after Warren Buffett steps down?

Radio Live: 05.12.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from New York

  • A look at where Bitcoin came from, now the world has their first Bitcoin billionaires!

  • How much is exactly one Bitcoin worth in $$ ??

  • Disney has renewed interest in buying franchise assets off 21st Century Fox.

  • Why did Rupert Murdoch buy the Wall Street Journal?

  • US tax reforms, concerns about the deficit and the US stockmarket hits another record high.

  • Why did Rod Drury delist Xero in NZ?

Radio Live: 28.11.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from New York

  • Political unstability in Germany has the European Union worried. What impact could this have on New Zealand?

  • Inequality around the world - why isn't more done to help those in need?

  • Digital currencies and an ICO (initial coin offering).

  • General Electric, one of America's strongest companies in the 1990's, is now "in a nose-dive".

  • Calls to break up 'the big 4' (Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon) for a fairer market.

  • The NZ Government wants to cut back immigration numbers - what effect will will this have on innovation and technology?

Radio Live: 21.11.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from New York

  • How are the US markets going? Is there financial stability?

  • US communications company AT&T is looking at buying Time Warner (which includes HBO and CNN) - is US President Donald Trump trying to block the deal due to his feelings towards CNN?

  • Which media outlets need to look at a new business model?

  • There's been more criticism around how Facebook was used by Russians ahead of the 2016 US Presidential Election. 126 million Americans saw 'fake news' that was posted on Facebook by Russians before last year's US Election.

  • Are businesses who own a retail store suffering? A new story says 12% of retail shops in the United States are now closed.

  • Mitch and Chris talk about the price of Butter in NZ - why is it so expensive? Why are Fonterra making so much money and not helping out the consumer?

Radio Live: 14.11.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from London

  • Telegraph writer Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has written a piece on inflation targeting, using New Zealand in the late 80's as an example.

  • Talk of tax cuts on the way in America - The CPTPP is to move ahead without the United States

  • Xero to delist from the NZX - what's behind this?

  • Facebook again under fire regarding Russia and 'fake news' before the 2016 US Presidential Election.

  • The Chinese government is reportedly telling their media outlets what to publish and what not to publish.

Radio Live: 31.10. 2017 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • Robert Mueller investigating money laundering and ties to Russia.

  • Indictment says that more than $75million US flowed through Paul Manafort's and Rick Gates' offshore accounts.

  • The discussion around news media, and what news outlets people choose to believe and choose not to believe.

  • An investigation finds Russia used millions of social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter to spread 'fake news' before the 2016 US Presidential Election.

  • 45% of Americans (that's over 140 million Americans) say they get their news from Facebook - the leading place to get 'fake news'.

  • The French are running out of butter - will they want to buy butter from New Zealand? Will they pay the prices we have to pay at the supermarket or will they get a nice deal?

  • Transport Investments Ltd in NZ sold for $200million.

Radio Live 24.10.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

  • The 'bond bubble' - governments around the world are trying to solve debt problems by borrowing more money - when will the bubble burst?

  • Low productivity in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Was the current economic situation a main reason why NZ First chose to go with Labour over National?

  • Where will the NZ Dollar go under the new government?

  • Which sectors are the big winners financially under the new government? In what areas will we see the biggest growth?

  • Property prices are falling in Sydney, Hong Kong and London (due to Brexit) - when will it be Auckland's turn?

  • Mortgage rates going up - banks are under increasing pressure.

  • The future of banks, with increasing technological competition.

  • The "Green-ness" of today's coalition announcement, and how will raising the Minimum Wage to $20 an hour impact big businesses?

Radio Live: 17.10.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from New York

  • Banks printing money and the bond market (there's currently over $8trillion worth of bonds trading around the world)

  • Countries around the world are falling deeper into debt after borrowing huge amounts

  • Alan Greenspan says bonds are "a bubble no-one knows how to get out of"

  • A look at the Irish economy

  • Chinese investments - will the insatiable demand driving up prices end soon?

  • BitCoin is being used to take money out of China - is the real estate market in China slowing?

  • A Bloomberg article looks at two Claude Monet paintings currently for sale. Investing in the art market - do the risks outweight the rewards?

  • Would you display a famous work of art, or save it in storage?

  • An article in The Economist looks at the ability to buy passports from certain countries (including China and Russia).

Radio Live: 10.10.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from New York

  • Richard Thaler wins the 2017 Nobel Prize for Economics

  • Self-interest - should governments around the world make saving money compulsory?

  • European countries going after big conglomerates for avoiding paying tax

  • Reports say world economic growth is picking up - should governments be increasing taxes?

  • Is another global financial crash on the way?

  • The average age of Facebook employees is

Radio Live: 03.10.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from New York

  • Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has talked to media - some believe Facebook have been 'shirking their responsibility' for harmful communication, including fake news and tracking advertisements. Mr Zuckerberg reminded people that Facebook is "a tech company, not a media company".

  • Is Amazon in talks with the NZ Rugby Union regarding broadcasting rights?

  • An article in the New York Times looks at countries around the world seeing a lack of payrises in 2017 - why?

  • More than 23% of jobs in America are now based in the fast-food industry, and the increase is showing no signs of slowing down.

  • Samuel 'Si' Newhouse Jr, media magnate and long-time owner of The New Yorker, has died aged 89.

  • Printing money, and are there any signs of inflation?

Radio Live: 26.09.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from London

  • A look at the pay of Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings - how much does he deserve?

  • An article in the latest Bloomberg Businessweek looks at Nestle making billions of dollars from bottling water without paying much tax. How do they get away with it?

  • Would a change of government be good or bad for business in NZ?

Radio Live: 18.09.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from New York

Radio Live: 12.09.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

Radio Live: 05.09.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

Radio Live: 29.08.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

Radio Live: 21.08.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

Radio Live: 15.08.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

Radio Live: 08.08.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

Radio Live: 01.08.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from Auckland

Radio Live: 25.07.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from Venice

Radio Live: 18.07.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from Siena

Radio Live: 04.07.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from Jerusalem

Radio Live: 27.06.2017 - Chris Swasbrook from London